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I know myself

I know exactly what I'm made of

Atoms and high hopes

for a healthy child

But what are you?

Where do you spend your life

Are you just like bubbles in the sea

floating up, never to be seen

Hey you, when will you awaken?

Hey you, when will you awaken?

I've seen you open your eye

once or twice

I've seen the light shine from the cracks

where you've been broken

Do you ever look around?

Everything you've found

Do you see all the love there is?

Little crystals lying on the beach

Do you ever see yourself?

Do you realize?

You're just like everybody else, and yet,

you're the one

Hey you, when will you awaken?

Hey you, everybody is waiting 

Hey you, no one is against you

No one has got it out for you

Nothing is just happening to you

How come nothing is ever your fault?

Everything you throw into the air comes back

just like a hurricane

to take you to the other side 

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