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chapter five


Kiss this boy goodbye

No more interference

Lock myself in my room

With some pliers and 

Start the procedure

Start from scratch


This old soul of mine

There's no point in waiting

The sun has rised

And everybody is feeling

So full of hope

If they only knew 

They all look like 

Corpses hunting for brains 

This not the way

I will find my own

This was just a fake illumination

This was a mistake

I just wanna go home

Go home

But all my friends

They have gone

I've been left behind

And all my money has been spent on this

Flying carpet 

I'm so high

I just feel like crying

I think I'll try some soul design

And if it all goes wrong I'll

Throw it all away

And it's back to the drawing board


I think I'll try some soul design

I think I'll try some soul design

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