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sid hart




Started the "Soul Design" project, named an audiovisual novel told through seven songs and seven comic book chapters. 


Enrolled in the Art History and Visual Studies program in the University of Oslo.


Worked as creative for BBDO Advertising in Nicaragua, handling clients such as Pepsi and Mercedes Benz. 


Exhibited illustrations in Nicaraguan art galleries The Bunker and Art Crawl Granada.



Toured in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, U.S.A., Norway, the Netherlands, and more with Nina and Sebastian and as a solo act. 


Released debut album "Últimamente" with Nina & Sebastian to local critical acclaim. 


Graphic Design and Visual Communications Bachelor in the American University in Nicaragua.


15 years old, founded the Pop/Folk Duet "Nina y Sebastian" alongside sister in Nicaragua. 


Sid Hart is a third-generation Norwegian with Nicaraguan and Indian heritage. Born into a family of artists, he started his journey into music at the age of 15 with the Nicaraguan pop-folk duet Nina y Sebastian.


They released their first album "Últimamente" in 2016 to local success and toured the whole country, opening for international acts and traveling with their music to the U.S. and Europe.


In 2017, Sid began to explore a wider range of subjects in his songwriting, trying to make sense of his generation's conflictive relationship to mental illness, spirituality, and addiction. Collaborating with producer and recording engineer Alejandro Vega, the album "Soul Design" emerged, blending Pop/Folk songwriting with an Indie/Electronic production. 


The album is accompanied by a seven-chapter comic book, diving deeper into the subjects explored in the songs. All though set in a dystopian future in a sci-fi/fantasy setting, the story is partly autobiographical.     


As a Graphic Design, Branding and Visual Communications major, he worked as a creative for BBDO Advertising in Nicaragua before deciding to move back to Norway to pursue his musical ambitions and continue his studies. He is currently studying Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Oslo.  



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