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Soul Design. A conscious restructuring of the self. The patterns upon which infinity is drawn. A model built on the spirit, to be executed in the physical plane.


After suffering from a psychotic episode at the age of 18, a series of songs and illustrations emerged trying to make sense of the experience. Four years of sculpting later, the ideas took form as an audiovisual novel: one story told through seven songs and seven chapters of a self-illustrated comic book. 


The music, recorded in Avanti Studios, Managua, Nicaragua, was produced and co-written with Alejandro Vega. The album narrates the story of a fall from grace and the slow crawl back into the light. Taking references from different religions and mythologies, the songwriting explores the often blurred lines between mental illness, spirituality, and addiction. 

The graphic novel, "The Soul Design Saga" takes autobiographical elements and sets them in a fictional sci-fi/fantasy universe. Illustrated by hand and colored digitally, it's formatted to fit the dimensions of modern social media platforms and published for free via Instagram. Set in a dystopian future where nature has already gone extinct, it tackles the current generation's struggle with the environmental crisis and the pressure from society to integrate into a system that no longer serves them.

Starting in October of 2019, one new song and one new chapter will be released each month. Follow the playlist on Spotify. 


Soul Design is realized independently and completely self-funded. Support the project by donating (help me pay my student loan). 

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